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Escher 1

2010-02-26 04:16:11 by ThePocketWatch

Righto, hullo there, I'm Chris Parsons. I'm new to this world of programming, but I thought I'd throw myself in at the deep end and make a series of Point-n-click games.

The first here is 'Escher I - Chromatophobia', a very simple escape-the-room game which is really just a preliminary task to get my eye-in on programming this sort've thing. The next game (imaginatively titled 'Escher II - Tripolarity') will be significantly more complex, and will contain added meta-gaming, but that's going to take a while.

Please bear in mind that I am NOT a programmer, animator, artist or game-maker of any sort. I'm a student of mathematics, with no experience in this field whatsoever. So please, be gentle.


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