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Escher I Update

2010-03-07 10:55:02 by ThePocketWatch

As many of you have been complaining (quite rightly) about the poor navigation in the aforementioned game, I have altered some of the navigation in order to appeal to your better judgement.

Granted the navigational elements have just been nicked from the next game (currently under production), but if you have any issues with it now, I can make further adjustments based on that, so all is good.

I have been informed that this will not take effect until after 24 hours or so, so we'll see what happens.


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2010-03-07 10:57:11

sorry dude, but games with a score that low usually don't have any profit of updating.
because nobody will play them anymore.

(Updated ) ThePocketWatch responds:

Thanks for the advice, I shall take note. Shame such a small and easily changeable thing spoilt it really...

D'you reckon it'd be worth me deleting the old one and just reposting the new one?


2010-03-07 11:13:28

well, you can always remove it and upload a new version.

ThePocketWatch responds:

Indeed, I am trying to do that at the moment. Thankyou for the advice.


2010-03-10 01:38:26

Hey, so i know this is really a somewhat random thing to ask, but i actually quite enjoyed your game. I just got stuck after the point where the lever is in the slot, i have the tape with the string, and the two keys. Im at a loss as to what to do. I know it's somewhat lame to just ask, but I'm dying here lol

ThePocketWatch responds:

Sorry for taking so long to respond. If you haven't already completed it / forgotten about it;

D'you have the scanner? If you have it, look for something to scan (i.e. the barcode on the back of a book). This will give you a 4-digit code to enter into a 4-buttoned input.

Any use?