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Escher II - For Those Who Care...

2010-08-01 12:16:56 by ThePocketWatch

My main computer has recently decided to go into a coma. It shows vague signs of consciousness, but has, all-in-all, blacked out. Almost literally, the lights are on, but nobody's home.

The problem with this is that that computer was the one which had flash on it. Not too worrying, I can always buy it again (because, of course, I have money coming out of my frigging, sarcastic ears), the problem is the fact that the Escher II file was on it and nowhere else. I managed to start work on the 3rd section of 4 before it died.

Anywho, I just thought I'd say this to those of you who may or may not give a hydro-electric damn and warn you that it shan't be progressing any further until I can revive my computer from it's comatose stupor, and/or I will need to start it again.

Utter arse.

Be Seeing You!


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