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Entry #6

Some Good News (At Last)...

2011-04-15 12:23:06 by ThePocketWatch

I have now reordered Flash for m'new mac, rescued the old Escher files from the now deceased computer and should be well on my way to completing it sometime this year. Oh, it's all fun, isn't it?

Oh, and I've got ideas to animate a short film idea I've got, and/or a sci-fi mini-series I've been working on. Depends just how much of my life I have to waste...

Anywho, don't watch this space any time soon, as it will still have an air sepulchral vacancy until I receive flash and get cracking again, but I just thought I'd let the roughly nil people who read this know I'm still going.

Enjoy the remainder of your collective existences.


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