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I have now reordered Flash for m'new mac, rescued the old Escher files from the now deceased computer and should be well on my way to completing it sometime this year. Oh, it's all fun, isn't it?

Oh, and I've got ideas to animate a short film idea I've got, and/or a sci-fi mini-series I've been working on. Depends just how much of my life I have to waste...

Anywho, don't watch this space any time soon, as it will still have an air sepulchral vacancy until I receive flash and get cracking again, but I just thought I'd let the roughly nil people who read this know I'm still going.

Enjoy the remainder of your collective existences.

My main computer has recently decided to go into a coma. It shows vague signs of consciousness, but has, all-in-all, blacked out. Almost literally, the lights are on, but nobody's home.

The problem with this is that that computer was the one which had flash on it. Not too worrying, I can always buy it again (because, of course, I have money coming out of my frigging, sarcastic ears), the problem is the fact that the Escher II file was on it and nowhere else. I managed to start work on the 3rd section of 4 before it died.

Anywho, I just thought I'd say this to those of you who may or may not give a hydro-electric damn and warn you that it shan't be progressing any further until I can revive my computer from it's comatose stupor, and/or I will need to start it again.

Utter arse.

Be Seeing You!

Escher II, Coming Along

2010-04-22 02:02:59 by ThePocketWatch

Just thought I'd say that m'new game, 'Escher II - Tripolarity' is coming along nicely. It's divided up into roughy 4 equal parts, and I'm starting work on the second.

Having sent the first part to a friend to try out, he said it was good, so I'm hoping things go better for this one than the last. If anything, it's longer and less pixel-hunty.

Anywho, Just thought I'd say that - as if anyone were interested.

Escher I Update

2010-03-07 10:55:02 by ThePocketWatch

As many of you have been complaining (quite rightly) about the poor navigation in the aforementioned game, I have altered some of the navigation in order to appeal to your better judgement.

Granted the navigational elements have just been nicked from the next game (currently under production), but if you have any issues with it now, I can make further adjustments based on that, so all is good.

I have been informed that this will not take effect until after 24 hours or so, so we'll see what happens.

Work In Progress

2010-03-05 04:27:11 by ThePocketWatch

I'm now currently working on the follow-up to 'Escher I', which, from my point of view, is significantly more complicated. The programming is much more complex, the navigation - albeit simplified for you, the player - is much more frantic for myself, and much, much more animation is being made for the many, many more frames in the game.

All in all, it's going to take me some significant time, so in the meantime, I might make a few little animations to pop up here when I get a few spare minutes.

Whenever the Easter holidays turn up, I shall dedicate the time (after revision) to working on this game. To me, really, this is the make-or-break one; and if nobody likes it then there's little point in me carrying on with the series... So we'll see.

Enjoy your various lives!

Escher 1

2010-02-26 04:16:11 by ThePocketWatch

Righto, hullo there, I'm Chris Parsons. I'm new to this world of programming, but I thought I'd throw myself in at the deep end and make a series of Point-n-click games.

The first here is 'Escher I - Chromatophobia', a very simple escape-the-room game which is really just a preliminary task to get my eye-in on programming this sort've thing. The next game (imaginatively titled 'Escher II - Tripolarity') will be significantly more complex, and will contain added meta-gaming, but that's going to take a while.

Please bear in mind that I am NOT a programmer, animator, artist or game-maker of any sort. I'm a student of mathematics, with no experience in this field whatsoever. So please, be gentle.